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Harness the Forces of Change

To prosper amid uncertainty, you need ways to respond to change that is happening around you.

Everything flows, nothing stands still.

One cannot step into the same river twice; one cannot know any one thing in the world for what it truly is - it is constantly changing. (Paraphrased) - Heraclites*

Most people think that they are being asked to change more often than they would like. This discomfort with change manifests as anxiety, ambiguity, frustration, and fear. The only thing that is constant in our lives is that things change, and nothing stays the same for long. In any moment, you can be somewhere on a continuum that ranges from resisting to embracing change. If you decide to resist change completely, you may be able to keep it at bay for a while. However, in the fast-changing world that we live in, resisting change can become stressful and undesirable.

Vision is a way to make change exciting, fulfilling, and an opportunity for growth and success.** Having visions for the areas of your life is a way to harness the forces of change. This is because your visions give you awareness and insight about what you think is important to you. You can then recognize and take actions on the most productive choices about the opportunities that are presented by change. Vision is a tool to embrace change as a positive force in your life.

Notes * Heraclites, pre-Socratic Greek philosopher, 500 B.C. From ** G. Latham, "Visioning: The Concept, Trilogy, and Process," Quality Progress, 1995; April

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