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 Beyond55 What's Next Course



There are many courses that can help you design and make changes to your life. The Beyond55 What’s Next Course is different and unique because you’re not starting from scratch. The process builds on what has, and is working in your life now. This makes the process easier. You are more confident that you can create the life you desire because you’ve already successfully done many of the actions to make it happen.


There’s a lot going on in our lives, and it can be difficult to take the time to look within and connect to our passions and create our desired future. If you are like most people, you live your daily life with minimal thought about whether this is how you want to live. However, once you take the time to decide what your passions are—and create intentions/visions in areas of your life—your life will have more energy and you will begin moving in that direction. The turning point is taking the time to determine what you want. When you do this, you take an active role in predicting how your life will be.


The Beyond55 What’s Next Course will change the way you think about yourself and what’s possible. The questions will help you tap into the assets, strengths and values you’ve developed over the years. It will connect you to the power you already possess for the “What’s Next” in your life!

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Beyond55 eCoaching


Another component of the Beyond55 What’s Next Course is that you have your own eCoach. There are many reasons people have a hard time doing life purpose and vision work. Mostly, it’s because it’s not something that people are comfortable doing even though they know it’s good for them, like eating vegetables, exercise, saving for retirement… Also, life distractions get in the way of starting and staying the course toward knowing your life purpose and life-area visions.


Beyond55 eCoaching works because a real person supports you through the steps to change your life using a tool (email) that you already use. Most people can find the time during their week to answer some questions and send an email. 


The eCoach will support and help you through the Beyond55 Field Guide so that you can start living your best “What’s Next” life.





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Dr. David Chorpenning

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More about the Beyond55 Field Guide 


The best way to create your best What’s Next life is to have the help of an eCoach/Guide, but if you’d rather do it on your own, you can purchase the Beyond55 Field Guide to What’s Next by clicking on the button below.


The Beyond55 Field Guide will walk you through the steps to connect to what is most important to you, what you're good at, and to create a clear picture of how you want your life to be--also, the ways to make it all happen.  





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We want you to be completely satisfied with your experience with Beyond55, which is why we include a 

MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE on everything we offer. 

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