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Next Steps 

What to expect by completing the Beyond55 What's Next Course



  • You will feel more relaxed and positive each day. You will know what to spend your time on and not feel frustrated by the “not as important things” that can make you feel your day hasn’t been successful and fulfilling.


  • You will know what's next for your life that is grounded in what is most important to you and what you've been successful at already. 


  • You’ll feel energized and engaged because you’ll more easily recognize and make productive choices about opportunities that show up.


  • You’ll know and take actions on your legacy.


  • The Beyond55 What’s Next Course gives you permission to hit the Pause button in your life—to take time to think about your life outside of daily doing. The Pause button allows you to begin a transformational journey. The Course will help you pack your bags for the journey with everything that is significant to you, so you’ll have what you need to prosper and thrive in the important areas of your life. By just starting the journey in the Beyond55 What's Next Course, positive things will begin to happen. 

What you'll get when you sign up


  • A real person (not a computer program) eCoach that will guide you through the Course. One hour of eCoaching is included and is typically enough to complete the Course. Additional eCoaching is available if you need it. 


  • The Beyond55 What’s Next Course is a life changing course that is grounded in proven research on human behavior and psychological methods and practices.


  • You'll receive a hard copy of the Field Guide for What's Next. It's important that you have the Field Guide in your hands to use a pen or pencil to write your thoughts. You can take the Field Guide with you, and work on it in settings that support you to feel inspired and insightful. You'll have immediate access to the Field Guide eBook if you want to get started right away.


  • You will need to schedule 6-30 minute or 3-1 hour sessions to do the Course. Though this may sound like a big commitment, it’s the time needed to create and begin actions to live the life you most desire.​


  • Most transformational courses like this require you to incur the expense and time to go on a several day retreat. If you want to take a vacation, you should do that to relax, see new things and rejuvenate. But, to do personal life transformation, it’s better to do it a little at a time to try it on for size, and experiment with the ideas as you go along. Also, you can get feedback from friends and family about what you’re discovering or making decisions about.


  • At the end of the Beyond55 What's Next Course you will know your assets, strengths, values, and what’s most important to you (your purpose). You will use this information to decide on and take actions toward the life you most desire for the “What’s Next Beyond 55” phase of your life.

Beyond55 What’s Next Course Testimonials:


  • The eCoaching has been valuable for me. It was easy to let dates slide. The reminders from Dr. Chorpenning created accountability that propelled me into action. -Don


  • I believe the Personal Purpose and Vision eCoaching I've done with Dr. David Chorpenning is a LARGE contributor to the clarity I needed to focus, listen, and take action. -Marlene


  • The Beyond55 Guide and eCoaching has already helped me get very excited about my future and my ability to accomplish my life purposes. I am so very energized about how things are going for me since our association began. -Elaine


  • I am amazed to have witnessed the positive changes in my life at the 1 month and 6 month benchmarks that are direct outcomes from the Guide and eCoaching. -Fred


  • Intention has been a large part of how I live, but there is always the opportunity to go further. Being in a new phase of my life, beyond 55, there are both new challenges and new possibilities. This course has helped me to clarify what has been accomplished and understood. It is now helping me shape what can be envisioned next. -Marie

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What To Expect From The Course

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You don’t have to risk any money trying out the Beyond55 What’s Next Course. We know doing the Course will positively influence your life. We want you to find that out for yourself!

Simply let us know within 60 days of buying the Course and we'll refund your payment. THAT'S OUR 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE.


Financial assistance available to do the Course based upon need.


If you have any additional questions about the Course or Field Guide please send me an email here.

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