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Change the way you think about yourself. 

Change what you think is possible.

In Everyday Visionary, you'll learn:


A three-step process that you can use to have the life you desire.


How to tap into resources and opportunities that are not obvious but can bring you what you want.


The science of vision--how and why it influences your reality--to embrace change as a necessary and positive force in your life.


The power of vision from Everyday Visionaries like yourself.

Recent                              Reviews

The book convinced me of the importance of taking time to consciously think about my life.

The author used many personal experiences of how to use intention in my daily life. The three steps described in the book are a simple way to use vision to create the life I desire. The book convinced me of the importance of taking time to consciously think about my life and what I'd like to happen in the future. I'm going to purchase and use his Field Guide to integrate the ideas I learned in this book into my life.

Helpful to live a wonderful and fulfilling life.

David does a great job of laying out a really helpful process which has assisted me over the years to truly live a wonderful & fulfilling life. I know that it will also be a resource as I move into my retirement years and purse others passions.

Very informative.

I really liked this book. In not too many pages it fully explains the science of vision alongside personal stories. I wish I had known about visioning sooner. There are so many opportunities I was missing out on until I started adding vision to my state of thinking. I'm recently retired, and this book has been a feather in my cap for getting the most out of this next phase of life. I would recommend it to anyone.

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