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  • Connect to your passions.

  • Build a plan for the rest of your life. 

  • Leave a legacy. 

The Field Guide 

The Field Guide will give you a plan to harness the best parts of your life to design an even more interesting, exciting, fulfilling, joyful life, and leave a legacy.


In the Field Guide, you will answer questions that will connect you to your assets, strengths and values.


The Guide will bring forth the power you already possess, and positively influence your life.


This is a time to live the best years of your entire life, and the Beyond55 Field Guide will make that happen.

Recent                              Reviews

I recommend this book to anyone 55+.

Whenever I take a journey I review my list of things I should have with me. The Field Guide provided a step-by step approach to help me inventory the things I need for my beyond 60 life journey ahead. I recommend this book to anyone in this phase of life.


Keeping the main thing the main thing!

Last year I completed the Beyond 55 course with David's superb guidance and it was great when I received his Field Guide on Friday. Transferring my goals into the guide now keeps me much more focused on my life goals. I'm keeping the main thing the main thing each and every day! Russ

Great process for covering the latter part of a person's life. 

Great process for covering the latter part of a person's life; especially after kids are grown and one might retire. The book cover was a bit "dreary" and would be more attractive with some coloration. Step 1 is valuable since it clarifies values, personal capabilities, and what assets one carries into their elder years. the Vision Setting area (Step 2) is also quite good since it helped me identify what to do with my life when previously important aspects of my life were dissipating... only concern here is the "weekly check in" (#5, Step 3) from a friend seems too often (recommend monthly since many of these goals take some time to implement and see progress). The "Vision Worksheets" at the end are helpful since they create a visual reminder of priorities in one's life. Overall, I've worked with Life Planning Workshops in the past and found this format similarly helpful, but especially important to people wondering what to do with the rest of their life.

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