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Disrupt Aging Beyond 55 and Transition to Retirement

Who we are doesn’t have to be about our age. It’s more about how we’re living. Planning a transition to retirement is one important component.

One aspect of how I feel about my age is my physical body. It is a topic that comes up in different settings. For instance, in the morning my wife and I ask each other "How are you feeling today?" Or, when visiting with friends they will share how they are doing physically.

As a baby boomer who has retired, I have days that I feel aliments that come with having an older body. While I’m a very active person and I expect to be able to do physical activities like; home projects, hike, or ski, I’ve come to understand that on any given day one or more of my conditions may be there, effecting my abilities. I also deeply know that I have to be active and outdoors daily to have optimum physical, mental and emotional health. To do that, I focus on doing activities to the best of my abilities on that day within the context of whatever limitations I may have in that moment like a sore back or a tender heal.

Sometimes you hear the phrase, “60 is the new 40.” But be careful not to assume that at 60 you want to be doing what you did at 40. At 60, you have different challenges, needs, expectations and wisdom to live a rich and meaningful life. To make an easy transition to retirement, it's key to be ok with the age you are. Instead of listening to what others or the media say about what is possible beyond 55, you must take control and define what are the experiences and activities you desire to have and do.

To disrupt aging, and be a successful baby boomer retiring, take the time for self- reflection on who you’ve been all these years, what you love, and been successful at, and from that, decide the life you want to live.

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