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New book What the F*ck Is Next?:The NO-BS Guide to Getting What You Really Want is out Now!

What is the Beyond55 What's Next Course?

If you are beyond 55 years of age, now is the time to live the best years of your entire life. You may have already had a good life so far, but now you can use your accumulated experiences and wisdom to design and live this next phase of your life engaged, excited, fulfilled, joyful and to leave a legacy.


Living your best life beyond 55 requires physical, mental and emotional energy to rise to challenges and take advantage of opportunities. However, you may find that energy is harder to come by. The good news is that you have a source of energy that is available to you no matter what your age or circumstances. It exists within! It’s what you’re passionate about and your dreams. When you’re connected to your passions and dreams, you will have more energy to live your best life.



The Beyond55 What's Next Course is for people who want to harness their experience

and passions to live an extraordinary life beyond 55.

The below blog posts provide valuable information about living a life from purpose and intention. Please email us about topics or ideas you are interested in reading more about. 

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